Russian and Iranian Special Forces Use 'Bonex' - Underwater Scooters Made in Germany

Russian and Iranian Special Forces Use 'Bonex' - Underwater Scooters Made in Germany

As two allied countries, there are so many similarities in the weapons used between Russia and Iran. In addition to heavy weaponry, which attracts the Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), both are said to use underwater scooter rides – Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) of the same brand.

Quoted from (12/3/2023), marine defense analyst HI Sutton revealed something interesting on his blog, namely showing a photo of an Iranian mini-submarine. And right next to it, with a red arrow, is a German-made underwater scooter from the Bonex brand.

It is not clear when the photo was taken. Sutton said the photo was obtained during the IRGC parade which was held at Bandar Abbas Port recently. While the date and location of the photo are not directly stated, it is implied that the photo is from around that time.

Suttio revealed that apart from Iran, the Bonex underwater scooter was also operated by the Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz. Judging by the photo shared on HI Sutton's personal blog, and by the time he shared it, the Bonex mounted on the military holster shows this was not a civilian purchase.

The Bonex underwater scooter is manufactured in the German province of Bavaria by Bonex Systems. Apart from military purposes, this scooter is also used for civilian purposes, such as diving or diving technology.

According to the manufacturer, Bonex is an excellent tool for deep diving as well as underwater cave diving. This scooter is not too heavy, coupled with a high-quality battery, this underwater scooter can last a long time in use. Underwater scooters can help divers not only to move forward quickly but also to transport diving equipment.

Bonex Systems has so far developed a total of six models of the underwater scooter type. It is not clear which model Iran has. Bonex scooters have dimensions between 218 and 300 mm. Scooter weight varies from 15 kg to 40 kg. As for the operational depth of the scooter, it can dive from 120 meters to 200 meters.

The Bonex battery can last up to 310 minutes at the scooter's maximum speed, but this only applies to the largest models. The maximum speed reaches from 60 meters per minute to 90 meters per minute.

Some Bonex models only run on one battery. However, some run on two or four batteries. This also implies the different levels of traction a scooter can provide. The thrust varies between 220 N and 340 N.

According to Bonex Systems, its underwater scooters are suitable for all types of diving. That is. lake diving, shipwreck diving, cave diving, deep sea diving, and exploratory diving.

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