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AUKUS Project, These Are Three Candidate Locations for the Australian Nuclear Submarine Base
Russian and Iranian Special Forces Use 'Bonex' - Underwater Scooters Made in Germany
China Shows Unmanned Submarine Designs Equipped With Torpedo Launchers
British Nuclear Submarine HMS Vanguard Uses 'Superglue' For Nuclear Reactor Repair
Japan Decides To Equip Submarine With Vertical Launching System
North Korea to Launch New Submarine Soon, Claims to be Capable of Releasing Missiles
China Is Embargoed Engine From Germany, Thailand's S26T Submarine Future Threatened
Barbel Class Submarine – Indonesia Ever Seen Before the Era of Cakra Class Type 209
APR-3ME – Russian Anti-Submarine Missile, Destroys Submarines In Deep And Shallow Seas
Kronos – The 'Armored' Submarine Claimed to Be Able to Go 50 Km Per Hour Below The Surface
Facing Chinese Aggression, Australian Underwater Drone Can Dive Up To 6 Km Glides 2023
Surrogate-W – 'Loyal Wingman' For Russia's Stealth Nuclear Submarine
China Develops Supersonic Flying Submarine Drone, Claims Effectively Destroy Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier
South Korea Offers KSS-III Dosan Ahn Changho Class Submarine to Australia
Russian Navy Officially Operates Belgorod Nuclear Submarine, Brings Six Poseidon Nuclear Torpedoes
Australia Willing To Pay Compensation For Cancellation Of 12 Attack Class Submarines To France
Israel Introduces Ninox 103, Submarine-launched Quadcopter Reconnaissance Drone
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