Russian Kamikaze Drone Lancet Attack Stormer HVM, Starstreak Hanud Missile Launching Ranpur

Russian Kamikaze Drone Lancet Attack Stormer HVM, Starstreak Hanud Missile Launching Ranpur

The Starstreak Hanud Missile, with its launch speed reaching Mach 4, suddenly became a frightening specter for low-flying Russian fighter jets, helicopters and drones when operating in Ukraine. However, recently there was news that the British-made missile launcher ranpur was hit by a Russian kamikaze drone, Lancet.

The Starstreak missile launcher Ranpur in question is the Alvis Stormer HVM (High Velocity Missile), which is none other than the highest caste of the APC Stormer ranpur family. Several international media reports stated that a Stormer HVM supplied by Britain to Ukraine was hit and heavily damaged by a kamikaze drone attack.

The UAWeapons Twitter account reported that the incident occurred on March 11, 2023. From the screenshots of the video, it is known that the attack ended with a large puff of smoke coming from the British-made war machine. It is not known how many losses were suffered as a result of the attack.

Stormer HVM in full loaded condition can carry eight ready-to-shoot Starstreak launchers in the launcher module, as well as carrying 12 spare missiles. The price of one Starstreak missile unit, which is also owned by the Indonesian Army's Arhanud Unit, is estimated at £100,000.

In a unified system, Stormer HVM can operate independently, this means that the combat unit is equipped with a target detection sensor. The technology that is carried is the Air Defense Alerting Device (ADAD) which is embedded in the front of the vehicle. ADAP includes both thermal and optical based sights. The ADAP on the Stormer HVM runs on Thales' STAIRS C system.

Stormer HVM Starstreak entered service with the British Army in 1997, unfortunately Stormer HVM was not selling well in the market, outside England only Oman used this arhanud system.

While the attack figure, the Lancet (Lantset) drone is designed to be fitted with a high-explosive (HE) or HE-fragmentation warhead. The Lancet is a production of Zala Aero, a subsidiary of Kalashnikov Concern, consisting of two drones called the Lantset (Lancet)-1 and Lantset-3.

As the largest variant, the Lantset-3 is designed to fly with an endurance of 40 minutes. With a mini propeller engine, the Lantset-3 can accelerate at a speed of 110 km per hour. Weighing around 12 kg, the Lantset-3 is equipped with a 3 kg warhead. Like missiles and smart bombs, the Lantset-3 is also equipped with a proximity fuse.

As a sensing system, this Kamikaze drone is supported by an optical-electronic guidance unit, besides of course the drone can be programmed before being launched. On the muzzle of the drone there is a TV guidance unit which allows the operator to see the final stages of the flight phase.

On November 4, 2022, Russian news agency Ria Novosty released a short video on its Telegram channel showing the Russian military attacking a Ukrainian Gyruza-M class patrol boat with a kamikaze Lancet drone.

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