British Nuclear Submarine HMS Vanguard Uses 'Superglue' For Nuclear Reactor Repair

British Nuclear Submarine HMS Vanguard Uses 'Superglue' For Nuclear Reactor Repair

The world of submarines has recently been stirred up, after news spread from Britain, that one of the British Navy's nuclear-powered attack submarines which is currently under maintenance (docking), is known to use adhesive in the form of super glue (superglue) in the component repair process. the nuclear reactor. An investigation was immediately carried out on the incident.

Quoted from Britain's News Channel - (31/1/2023), the submarine in question is HMS Vanguard (S28) - Vanguard class submarine, which is in operation carrying Trident ballistic missiles. HMS Vanguard repair and maintenance work is being carried out at HMNB Devonport in Plymouth.

HMS Vanguard is the first ship of the Vanguard class, of which there are four. The submarine entered service in 1993 and began receiving maintenance work in 2015. Reportedly, the cost of repairing the 150-meter long submarine has exceeded the budget by £300 million.

Still from the same source, maintenance workers are accused of reinstalling the bolt heads instead of replacing them properly. 

Such procedural errors were reported but the use of superglue for nuclear reactor repair was not mentioned. The discovery of using superglue was noticed by engineers as they prepared to set the reactor to full power.

Officials from the Royal Navy have expressed outrage upon learning of the incident, calling it a "disgrace". "You can't cut corners with nukes," the source told The Sun. "Standards are standards, and nuclear standards are never compromised."

Currently, an investigation into the use of superglue has been made to contractor Babcock for not sounding the alarm on the bolt.

Overview of HMS Vanguard, built by Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd., this submarine has a displacement of 15,900 tons and is powered by 1 × Rolls-Royce PWR2 nuclear reactor and 2 × GEC turbines. The speed below the surface reaches 25 knots.

HMS Vanuguard armament includes four 533 mm torpedo tubes for Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes, and 16 tons of Lockheed Trident II D5 ballistic missile launchers. These submarines can carry up to 48 nuclear weapons warheads.

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