Macron: 'In 2030, French Fighter Jets will all be Rafales'

'In 2030, French Fighter Jets will all be Rafales'

French President Emmanuel Macron has a big obsession with increasing the capabilities of the French fighter jet fleet. One of the programs launched by Macron is "All Rafale by 2030" - which means that by 2030, the French Air Force will only focus on operating one type of fighter jet, namely the Dassault Rafale.

Currently, the French Air Force uses two types of fighter jets produced by Dassault Aviation, Rafale and Mirage-2000. 

From the website, Emmanuel Macron announced that the Military Planning Act for the period 2024-2030 will see the combat fleet of the French Air and Space Force transition to "All Rafale", indicating that the Mirage-2000 fleet will be phased out.

Currently, the French Air Force operates 24 Mirage-2000 5F fighter bombers and 68 Mirage-2000D fighter jets. While the Rafale fighter jet assets reach 102 units, consisting of B and C variants.

"Facing a stronger enemy, we must also act more forcefully, in order to quickly achieve a decisive military effect," Macron said. "For that we will turn to 'all Rafale' and maintain this extraordinary aircraft at the best level in the world," Macron added.

On June 23, 2022, France has retired its Dassault Mirage-2000C fighter jets. However, 55 Mirage-2000D fighter jets are currently undergoing a modernization program, with the first aircraft delivered in 2021 and final deliveries planned for 2025. The program's goal is to update the Mirage 2000D's avionics and enable the use of MICA air-to-air missiles, as replacement for the current MAGIC missile.

With the Mirage-2000D modernization program still underway, MP Frank Giletti asked French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu a question: “If the aim is to use the 'All Rafale,' why concentrate resources and time and part of the budget on an upgrade on 55 units? Mirage-2000D?”

“These are Mirage-2000[ 5F] which we will gradually withdraw from circulation on an axis towards the Rafale,” replied Lecornu. "So everything that was confirmed on the Mirage-2000D is still relevant."

That way, the switch to the Rafale will only affect the last two fighter squadrons that are still operating the air superiority variant, namely the Mirage-2000 5. This is 1/2 Cigognes [Stork – ed. note] fighter squadron based in Luxeuil, France, and 3/11 Corse [Corsica – ed. note] fighter squadron based in Djibouti.

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