Russia Launches Rantis Tiger 4×4 'Mad Max' Variant in the Ukrainian War

Russia Launches Rantis Tiger 4×4 'Mad Max' Variant in the Ukrainian War

In an increasingly brutal war, the standard armor protection ranpur was deemed inadequate. Attacks from anti-tank weapons and kamikaze drones, in fact, easily tore apart light armored armored rifles. To get around, then in a short time required modifications to the outer layer of the body. 

And at the Army 2023 event, the "Mad Max" variant of the Tiger (Tigr) 4×4 variant was shown for the first time.

The name Tiger-M 4×4 "Mad Max" was given by the developer by referring to the name of the Hollywood block buster film. Officially, the Tiger Mad Max ranpur is called Tigr-M SpN which is equipped with the Arbalet-DM remote operated turret.

Modifications to the Tiger Mad Max can be seen directly by the adoption of additional protection in the form of hinged armor plates that cover the door area, hood and wheels. According to RIA Novosti sources, the Russian Ministry of Defense has ordered a number of Tiger Mad Max.

If Indonesia has Maung and Komodo, then the Russian military has a similar ration called Tigr (aka Tiger) 4×4. A multi-purpose armored rifle with high mobility, this vehicle from the Military Industrial Company, also known as the “Russian Humvee.”

So far, the Tiger has been integrated with various weapons systems, such as the Kornet-EM anti-tank missile, the Gibka-S anti-tank missile, the Tiger as a remote control unit with Arbalet-DM (RCWS), and the Tiger Command and Control (C2).

From its history, the Tiger 4×4 was introduced at the end of 2006 and began production a year later. Like not wanting to miss the opportunity to 'promote', Tiger has been involved by Russia in combat operations against ISIS in Syria.

Tiger 4×4 is presented in three main variants, namely STS, AMN and ASN. STS and ASN have a transport capacity of six personnel, while AMN has a transport capacity of nine personnel. 

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Just as Pindad offered a civilian variant for Maung, apparently the Military Industrial Company also offered a modification of the Tiger for non-military commercial buyers. 

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