Russia Offers India Local Production of Igla-S MANPADS Hanud Missiles

Russia Offers India Local Production of Igla-S MANPADS Hanud Missiles

After successfully marketing the licensed production of Kalashnikov AK-203 assault rifles to India, Russia is now offering licensed production of other types of weapons to India, namely the local production of MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System) VSHORAD (Very Short Air Defense) Igla missiles-S to India.

From the Aero India 2023 defense exhibition in Bangalore, Russia is reported to be optimistic about signing a contract with India for the Igla-S Hanud missile (in NATO code it is called SA-24 Grinch), which in fact has succeeded in demonstrating its stunning capabilities in the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Drozhzhov, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation, said that Moscow expects to sign a major contract on the supply and licensed production of the Igla-S portable air defense system for India.

During the Army 2022 defense exhibition held in Russia last year, Dmitry Shugayev, Director of the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation told the TASS news agency that a licensed supply and production project for portable anti-aircraft missile systems is underway.

Quoted from, in April 2022, the Indian Army finally purchased several Igla-S systems from Russia through an emergency procurement channel. However, defense officials have informed that the Ministry of Defense is considering a larger contract for the Igla-S system as part of the VSHORAD program deal.

Igla-S MANPADS Hanud Missiles
Igla-S MANPADS Hanud Missiles

Prior to that, India had signed a contract for the purchase of the Igla-S in December 2020, with equipment to begin delivery in December 2021. The package includes 24 launchers, 216 missiles and test equipment.

Within the broader procurement umbrella, India's Ministry of Defense issued a request for proposals (RFP) in October 2010 to purchase more than 5,000 MANPADS VSHORAD missiles, along with 258 single launchers, and 258 multi launchers, at a price of approx. Rs 6,400 crore. 

The trial started two years later, in 2012, with contestants from Rosoboronexport (Russia), MBDA (France) and SAAB (Sweden).

Regarding the Igla-S which is offered for production to India, this missile has capabilities and performance similar to the MANPADS Stinger and QW-3 missiles. The Igla-S “shoot and forget” operation pattern is designed to destroy all types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) in sight.

In terms of performance, the Igla-S can chase targets at a speed of 570 meters per second. The shooting distance is in the range of 500 – 6,000 meters, while the launch height is in the range of 10 – 3,500 meters. The Igla-S features a passive tracking and guidance system in the form of bi-spectral infrared. This missile is ready to launch 5 seconds after activation.

Entered into use since 2004, the Igla-S missile weighs 10.8 kg, while the weight with a single launcher (full system) reaches 17.9 kg. With a diameter of 72 mm, the weight of the warhead is 1.17 kg with 390 grams of explosives. The missile detonation mechanism relies on contact and grazing fuze.

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