Facing Chinese Aggression, Australian Underwater Drone Can Dive Up To 6 Km Glides 2023

Facing Chinese Aggression, Australian Underwater Drone Can Dive Up To 6 Km Glides 2023

Australia is speeding up the completion of an undersea drone or XLAUV (Extra–Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). One unit of the underwater drone is targeted to be completed within the next year to stem Chinese aggression. This was conveyed by the founder of Anduril Industries, Palmer Luckey, while visiting Kangaroo Country, some time ago.

“We will build the first one in a year, the next one as soon as possible after that. Underwater drones will be a very important part of preventing (Chinese) aggression," he stressed, as quoted from astraherald.com (20/8/2022).

Luckey, who is a master innovator who invented the Oculus Rift (a VR headset that was sold to Facebook in 2014), promises that his underwater drone will be without loopholes or flaws. That means Australian underwater drones will be equipped with a range of capabilities that can be relied on for a variety of missions, both reconnaissance and combat.

Despite its large size, the underwater drone is promised to remain silent. It is also said to be able to travel long distances without surfacing, can be launched and re-entered a submarine or directly into a military base, launch missiles, is equipped with sensors and scanners for underwater maps, and most importantly is capable of diving to a depth of 6,000 meters.

Furthermore, he revealed that the presence of underwater drones is very important, but cannot replace a manned fleet, in this case nuclear submarines. Therefore, the underwater drone that he designed is promised to be able to work hand in hand to form a strong underwater fleet with the help of advanced technology.

If previously this underwater drone was targeted for completion in three years, during a recent visit accompanied by the Australian Minister of Defense, Richard Marles, Luckey promised to complete the construction in less than three years. Therefore, he will continue to increase the number of employees from 40 currently to hundreds in the near future.

Australian Underwater Drone

The XLAUV (Extra–Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) project or underwater drones developed by Anduril Industries, including the underwater drone (Speartooth) developed by C2 Robotics, emerged at the initiative of top military officials and Canberra executives.

The initiative came after it was felt that there was a gap in the process of retiring the Collins class submarine by waiting for the arrival of a nuclear submarine fleet within the framework of the AUKUS agreement or pact.

Therefore, this response was met with the disbursement of fresh funds worth Aus$2 million to strengthen the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) through the development of underwater drones.

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