POLA Class, New RE Martadinata Class 'Twin' Frigate Will Be Equipped with Hanud VLS RIM-162 ESSM Missiles

POLA Class, New RE Martadinata Class 'Twin' Frigate Will Be Equipped with Hanud VLS RIM-162 ESSM Missiles

In terms of weapons, the TNI AL's flagship RE Martadinata class is now equipped with a medium-range Mica Naval air defense missile (Hanud) made by MBDA Systems, which is also the first hanud missile on a TNI AL warship to be launched using a VLS (Vertical) method. Launching System).

Well, apparently the RE Martadinata class twin in Mexico, namely the POLA class frigate, has not yet been equipped with hanud missiles, even though from the specifications, what should be installed are hanud missiles which are no less sophisticated than the Mica Naval.

Quoting sources from the X (d/h Twitter) Naval Analyses account, it was stated that the ARM Reformador 101, which is the only unit of the Mexican Navy's SIGMA 10514 class frigate, is just waiting for the installation of the 8-cell VLS MK56 missile launcher which will later house the missile. hanud ESSM.

Since the ARM Reformador 101 was commissioned in February 2020, in fact since 2018 there has been approval from the US Department of Defense for the purchase of six ESSM missiles and their launch systems, but these important components have still not been received by the Mexican Navy.

The hanud missile that will be installed on the Mexican POLA class is the RIM-162 Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM), which is a development of the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile which is used to protect warships from missile and aircraft attacks. Produced by Raytheon, ESSM is designed to destroy supersonic anti-ship missiles.

ESSM is powered by a Mk 134 Mod 0 solid fuel rocket engine, this missile is capable of reaching Mach 4+ and has a launch distance of up to 50 km. This hanud missile relies on a mid-course updated datalink guidance system, semi-active radar homing and dual semi-active/active terminals.

The ESSM missile weighs 280 kg, is 3.66 meters long with a diameter of 254 mm. The warhead weighs 39 kg with blast fragmentation and a detonation mechanism via a proximity fuze.

ARM Reformador 101 is called the Long Range Ocean Patrol Vessels or in Mexican it is called the POLA (Patrulla Oceánica de Largo Alcance) class. 

What's interesting is that this warship is actually a SIGMA 10514 Class, meaning it is in the same family as the RE Martadinata Class frigate. The difference is, the RE Martadinata Class label which was published from the beginning was as Pelukis Kawal Rudal (PKR) or Guided-Missile Destroyer Escort.

The ARM Reformador 101 was built by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS), a famous Dutch shipyard, which also owns the Martadinata class frigate design.

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