Facts about Hassan Nasrallah's threats to Israel and the United States

Facts about Hassan Nasrallah's threats to Israel and the United States

Members of the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, helped Palestine in the Israeli-Palestinian war. Since October 8, 2023, they have continued to send attacks into Israeli territory.

Most recently, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel and the United States in a speech in South Lebanon on Friday, November 3 2023. The following are the facts about Nasrallah's threat.

1. Not afraid of United States warships

In his speech on October 7 2023, Nasrallah threatened Israel's main ally, namely the United States. Nasrallah indicated that Iran-backed Hezbollah is not afraid and is ready to face US warships in the Mediterranean Sea.

You, the American people, can stop aggression against Gaza because it is your aggression. "Whoever wants to prevent a regional war, and I'm talking to the Americans, must immediately stop aggression against Gaza," Nasrallah said.

2. The United States is worried about war reaching Lebanon

On the other hand, the United States also made a statement. America says that Hezbollah must not exploit the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The United States does not want the conflict to spread to Lebanon.

3. Attack Israel before threatening it

Before holding a speech containing threats to Israel and the United States, Hezbollah attacked 19 Israeli positions simultaneously along the border. Hezbollah said it targeted military positions along the border simultaneously on Thursday, November 2, 2023. Hezbollah attacked Israel with missiles, artillery fire and other weapons.

4. Hezbollah's attack is not yet complete

Reporting from Reuters, Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah's attacks on the border had not fully demonstrated their strength. Nasrallah said that the escalation of the conflict on the border depends on conditions in Gaza and Israel's actions against Lebanon.

5. Israel responded

Nasrallah's threats to Israel and the United States prompted Israel to speak out. Reporting from livemint.com, through spokesman Eylon Levy, the Israeli government said that Nasrallah was a coward because he was hiding in a bunker. Israel also said that Nasrullah was “boring”.

"We listened to Hassan Nasrallah's long and rambling speech. I admit it was so boring that I don't know whether the speechwriter was killed in the recent IDF (Israel Defense Forces) attack on Hezbollah in the north," Levy told the Times of Israel quoted from livemint.com.

Hezbollah has exchanged fire with Israeli troops on the Lebanese-Israeli border since October 8 as a result of the Israeli-Palestinian war. This incident killed more than 55 of his fighters. But clashes were largely contained at the border. Hezbollah has so far used only a fraction of the arsenal that Nasrallah has long used to threaten Israel.

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