Poland Signs US$10 Billion Contract for Procurement of 486 M142 HIMARS Units

Poland Signs US$10 Billion Contract for Procurement of 486 M142 HIMARS Units

Poland's obsession with developing its military posture can be called the most phenomenal in all European countries. As in the field (armed) artillery line, realizing the effectiveness of the M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), Poland has not only acquired HIMARS in 'ketengan' quantities, the country which directly borders Ukraine will have the status of being the largest user of the M142 HIMARS in the world. of course outside the US.

After launching the M142 HIMARS prototype with the Jelcz 663.45 T60 TS 6×6 truck chassis at the MSPO-2023 exhibition, the Polish Ministry of Defense has now announced an additional large order for the M142 HIMARS.

On 11 September 2023, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, approved a framework agreement for the purchase of 486 additional M142 HIMARS launchers, designed for integration into the Homar-A system. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the deal was worth around US$10 billion.

For the record, the Homar-A is an M142 HIMARS built on a Polish-made Jelcz 663.45 T60 TS 6×6 truck chassis. The original variant, the M142 HIMARS uses a 6×6 FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles) chassis made by Oshkosh Corporation, a special and military vehicle company based in Wisconsin, USA.

According to the agreed schedule, the first batch of launcher components (Homar-A) is expected to be delivered starting in 2025. The Polish Ministry of Defense emphasized the role of the Polish domestic defense sector in the implementation of this contract. Błaszczak stated, “Our goal is to start deliveries by the end of 2025, with 2026 identified as a key year for defense.”

The M142 HIMARS is known as a versatile and advanced artillery system designed by the United States. This technology has attracted international attention due to its capabilities and is currently used by many countries, including Australia, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The M142 HIMARS can be equipped with six MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) series rockets or one ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) tactical missile. This flexibility allows it to adapt to a variety of mission requirements, making it a versatile asset on the battlefield. In terms of protection, HIMARS is designed to withstand small arms fire and shrapnel.

With a weight of 10,886 kg, HIMARS is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 85 km per hour on the highway. This speed allows for rapid deployment and repositioning, providing a tactical advantage. The dimensions of the vehicle are also compact enough for strategic mobility, with a length of 5.04 meters, a width of 2.16 meters and a height of 2.25 meters.

HIMARS is equipped with an advanced fire control system, enabling precise targeting. The shooting distance varies depending on the type of ammunition used. The ER-MLRS rocket can reach targets up to a distance of 45 km. 

When equipped with the new GMLRS long-range guided rocket, its range can reach 70 km. For missions requiring long-range attacks, HIMARS can be equipped with tactical missiles (ATACMS), thereby expanding the attack range to 300 km.

HIMARS is operated by a crew of three, ensuring that the system can be managed efficiently while maintaining a high level of effectiveness. The relatively small crew size also contributes to rapid deployment capability and ease of operation.

This new acquisition will increase the HIMARS inventory in the Polish Army, bringing the total number of Polish HIMARS launchers to 500 units.

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