Israel Allows Weapon System Export Licenses To Ukraine

Israel Allows Weapon System Export Licenses To Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Ukraine versus Russia war, Israel has been 'wooed' to be able to allow its weapons production, which are used by other countries, to be shipped and used by Ukraine against Russia. 

However, because Israel did not feel comfortable and tried to maintain good relations with Russia, the Jewish State prohibited the re-export or shipment of Israeli-produced weapons to Ukraine.

But there is the latest news, for the first time since the Ukrainian war, the Israeli government has finally allowed the delivery of its weapons systems to Ukraine. Quoted from (20/3/2023), Israel has approved an export license for the possible sale of anti-drone systems to Ukraine.

To be precise, Jerusalem approved the license in mid-February while reviewing its policy towards the Ukraine-Russia war. But it should be noted, that an export license is granted as long as what is sent to Ukraine is a non-lethal weapons system.

Jerusalem has approved licenses for Israeli defense manufacturers Elbit Systems and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The two companies have proposed selling Ukraine electronic warfare systems capable of jamming and downing drones from 25 miles (40 kilometers) away.

Israeli officials said the decision was not a change in policy, as the system is defensive and uses non-lethal methods. A Ukrainian Ministry of Defense delegation recently visited Israel to see a presentation of the system. So far no agreement has been signed.

Citing Ukrainian Defense Ministry officials, it reported that it was interested in the system. However, that is considered “less critical”, as Ukraine currently claims to be able to intercept Russian drones with a success rate of 75 to 90 percent.

"What we really need is a defense system against ballistic missiles," said a Ukrainian defense official. As is known, Ukraine has recently been overwhelmed in the face of Russian ballistic missile attacks, especially the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missile attack, which has not been able to be deterred.

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