Ukraine Finds a New Type of Reconnaissance Drone Orlan 10, Can Carry High Explosive Bombs!

Ukraine Finds a New Type of Reconnaissance Drone Orlan 10, Can Carry High Explosive Bombs!

In the midst of receiving drone strikes from Russia, there is news that the Ukrainian military recently discovered a new 'species' of the Orlan 10 reconnaissance drone. 

To be precise, the Ukrainian military reported that it had shot down the Orlan 10 drone, but of an unusual type. It is called unusual, because the Orlan 10, which was not originally an armed drone, is now found in a type configured to carry a bomb.

Quoted from (5/1/2023), an Orlan 10 was shot down equipped with two OFSP bombs which were loaded into plastic containers and placed under the drone's wings. 

Ukraine Weapons Tracker OSINT group mentions that the Orlan 10 has been adapted to target ground targets by carrying 4x OFSP HE-FRAG bombs in a dedicated underwing pod.

The same source suggested that the fuze (trigger) appeared to be an inertial fuze relying on simple mechanical impacts. The contents of the explosives are estimated at 100-150 grams of HE (High Explosive). With the adaptation of Orlan 10 as a bomb carrier, Orlan 10 can now be played as a kamikaze drone.

The Orlan 10 produced by the Special Technology Center (STC), Russia, is quite well known, because the West says that some of the components of this drone are claimed to be made by the United States. Apart from knowing that the components came from the US, it turns out that this drone also picked up components from China, Japan and Switzerland.

Orlan 10 has a weight of 15 kg and a payload capacity of 6 kg, this means that the weight of the explosives carried is very limited, and it is suspected that the weight of the explosives will affect the performance of the Orlan 10.

From the specifications, the Orlan 10 is a mini drone that is used to carry out reconnaissance missions at low altitudes (1,000 – 1,500 meters), the Orlan 10's secondary role for electronic warfare and takes on the role of a transponder that transmits intelligence information to the control center.

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