Ukraine Launches 'EPPO' – Mobile App For Citizens Hunting For Missiles And Kamikaze Drones

Ukraine Launches 'EPPO' – Mobile App For Citizens Hunting For Missiles And Kamikaze Drones

Although Ukraine has been getting a lot of supplies of anti-aircraft weapons from the United States and its allies, however, Ukraine seems to be daunted by the 'rain' of cruise missiles and kamikaze drones launched by Russia. 

In addition to continuing to close the existing defense system, the Ukrainian government has recently also involved the participation of its citizens to hunt for missiles and drones launched by Russia.

This controversial-sounding idea involves the ability of citizens' smartphones. To be precise, the Ukrainian Ministry of Strategic Communications recently announced that it has developed an application on mobile phones that will help air defense forces complete radar data on air targets, i.e. to increase their chances of shooting down enemy missiles or drones.

Quoted from the Jerusalem Post (17/10/2022), the application in question is "ePPO" and is now available in the Android version and can be downloaded on the PlayStore. "Now every Ukrainian citizen can join the anti-missile and anti-drone defense systems in our skies," the Department of Strategic Communications of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a statement.

The ePPO app on the PlayStore page
The ePPO app on the PlayStore page

In order to use the app, users must download the “ePPO” app to a smartphone, provide quick authorization, click “Test” to make sure everything is working, and be prepared to alert the Ukrainian arhanud unit of potential threats.

It was recently reported that a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 fighter jet was downed by an Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drone used by the Russian military. In response to the increasingly massive use of kamikaze drones, Ukraine has appealed to the international community to send more sophisticated air defense systems, including anti-drone jamming systems.

How Does the ePPO App Work?

This app works easily. Once someone sees an aerial target like a kamikaze drone or cruise missile, all they have to do is open the app, select the type of air target, point the smartphone at the target and press the big red button visible on the screen.

After that, the markings on the map will be noticed by air defense professionals, who will use them to supplement radar data and shoot down aerial targets with hand-held missiles.

Currently, the ePPO application can be accessed by Android users. However, still have to wait for iOS users.

In addition to turning Ukrainian citizens into volunteers and informants via the app, the Ukrainian government has also issued a security warning as the use of kamikaze drones has increased manifold since Iranian weapons arrived in Moscow last September.

The Ministry of Communications of Ukraine provides guidance for its citizens, that it is not difficult to identify the arrival of a kamikaze drone, because the kamikaze drone is identical with a noisy sound. Ukrainian sources say the sound of a kamikaze drone is like hearing the sound of a 2-stroke motorcycle engine or a chainsaw from a distance.

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