Not Just Ukraine, Russian Troops Also Use Legendary S-60 Cannon In Ural 6×6 Truk Trucks

Not Just Ukraine, Russian Troops Also Use Legendary S-60 Cannon In Ural 6×6 Truk Trucks

In addition to being used by Ukrainian troops in the conflict against Russia, from posts on social media, apparently the hanud cannon – the legendary 57 mm S-60 caliber air attack repellant (PSU), is also used by Russian troops. As with the adoption of the S-60 by the Ukrainian forces, the S-60 by the Russian troops is also placed in a 6×6 heavy truck platform.

As in the photo above, it is the S-60 cannon placed on the deck of the Ural 4320 6×6 truck. It is not known when and where the photo was taken, however, there has also been a short video circulating about Russia's efforts to mobilize this old battle proven cannon.

Is the adoption of the S-60 on truck trailers effective? So far there have been no reports on the performance of the S-60 on the Ukrainian battlefield. But it is strongly suspected that the placement of the S-60 in the truck was put forward as a fire support weapon for targets on the surface. 

The nature of the S-60 cannon which is relatively easy to operate, anti-jamming and available in large quantities of ammunition, makes the S-60 cannon unforgettable under certain conditions.

The S-60 is housed in a single-barreled PSU cannon with low and medium target ranges. With the integrated firing system guidance, this gun can go up to 6,000 meters.

Although already great-grandson, but this cannon is in fact still actively used by several countries whose military budgets are tight, especially countries in Africa and South Asia. It is considered as a weapon of the Eastern bloc which is quite in demand, making several Soviet allied countries interested in making it licensed, at least there is the type 59 made by China, and the SZ-60 made by Hungary.

Indonesia, in this case, is a lucky country, because since the early 1960s it has operated this defense equipment system. Even in the hands of Arhanud TNI AD, several S-60 cannons have received retrofits on the capabilities of their sights and firing systems.

Prior to the descent in the Ukraine War, the S-60 gun was also involved in the Armenia Vs Azerbaijan War in Nagorno-Karabakh in December 2020, the S-60 gun was surprisingly mounted on Azerbaijan's MT-LB armored shell.

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