Turkey Ready to Produce 'Kargi' – Anti-Radiation Kamikaze Drone From Israeli Drone Design

Turkey Ready to Produce 'Kargi' – Anti-Radiation Kamikaze Drone From Israeli Drone Design

Even though they are opposed to Palestine, in fact Turkey and Israel have a close cooperation in the defense sector. Just recently, Lentatek, a drone manufacturer from Turkey, has introduced the so-called Kargi, a type of anti-radiation kamikaze drone, where Kargi is designed based on a similar drone from Israel, Harop, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Quoted from savunmasanayist.com (6/6/2022), it is said that Kargi is the result of localization of foreign-made drones (Harop). In the hands of Lentatek, important components that include subsystems such as RF (radio frequency) Seeker, Destruction System, Flight Engine, Launch Engine (Booster), Link System, Propeller and Fuel Tank, all of which have been developed nationally by Turkey.

Kargi also carried out its first flight stage in early 2018, and after going through various intensive trials, Lentatek has determined that this kamikaze drone destroying enemy radar installations is ready to enter mass production this year.

Lentatek said that starting from aircraft, ground support systems, navigation, software and flight control system design, all of them have been developed domestically.

As an anti-radiation kamikaze drone, Kargi will carry out SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) and DEAD (Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses) missions for enemy air defense systems. In addition, the destruction of various strategically important targets is one of Kargi's tasks.

Like the Israeli-made Harop, Kargi has 6 hours of flight endurance, a two-way datalink and SATCOM communication system, and advanced capabilities such as loitering and anti-jamming processes during target search. Harop has a cruising range of 1,000 km, so Kargi is thought to have similar capabilities.

As in the equivalent system, the Kargi is launched detached from its launch tube thanks to the boost of a rocket booster engine, and after rising to altitude, the drone starts its own engine (PG50 engine) and can be transferred to mission control. 

Kargi Drone

By carrying out loitering activities in the desired area, Kargi will detect the target with its passive radar, and will also be able to destroy the opponent's electronic warfare system. For the launch method, Kargi can also be made mobile by being mounted on the back of the truck.

In addition to target destruction, Kargi will also be able to carry out pressure missions for enemy air defense elements. Enemy elements such as air defense radars, command control vehicles, liaison vehicles and fire control radars that detect Kargi in the air will turn themselves off as this is the simplest self-defense capability for this type of anti-radiation munition.

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