Naval Group Offers Construction Of Two Scorpene Class Submarines With AIP In Indonesia

Naval Group Offers Construction Of Two Scorpene Class Submarines With AIP In Indonesia

Continuing the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in the form of strategic cooperation between the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and the French ship manufacturer Naval Group, namely the plan to procure Scorpene Class submarines for the needs of the Indonesian Navy.

So recently, the Naval Group has offered to build two diesel-electric submarines (SSK) capable of air independent propulsion (AIP) in Surabaya.

Quoted from (21/4/2022), the presentation document was submitted by the Naval Group, in which the ship offered is a derivative of the Scorpene SSK, and the Naval Group has offered to build both submarines entirely domestically, at the PT facility. PAL.

So far, no AIP system has been implemented in the Scorpene Class, but the Naval Group has developed AIP support in the Scorpene Class design. Since several years ago, the French-made Module d'Energie Sous-Marine Autonome (MESMA) has been offered to the Naval Group.

MESMA is basically a modified version of a nuclear propulsion system with heat generated by ethanol and oxygen. Combustion of stored ethanol and oxygen, at a pressure of 60 atm (6.1 MPa), generates steam that powers a conventional turbine power plant.

The pressure firing allows the exhaust carbon dioxide to be expelled into the ocean at any depth without an exhaust compressor.

MESMA system costs approximately

Each MESMA system costs approximately US$50–60 million. The Scorpene Class submarine required the addition of a new 8.3 meter (27 ft) hull weighing 305 tons, and allowing the sub to dive for a 21-day endurace without having to come to the surface.

In addition to the MESMA system, India through the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is also developing an AIP system for later installation on the Calvary Class, namely the Phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFC) system.

The Naval Group said, "although the AIP system can increase endurance and endurance in diving, the adoption of AIP still refers to submarine operations in limited maritime space, and does not lead to major oceanic ambitions."

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